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Originally Posted by Murlyn
Like Graphite said.. Little Snitch works pretty good. And like rman I've never had spyware and like Im sure rman has done.. we do have programs setup to sniff our traffic and to notify us when something strange is going on. I've never had spyware on my mac.. on pc.. oh man.. a lot! The closest thing to spyware so far is Adobe Photoshop calling home for some reason.. still not sure exactly what it's doing. That's about it that I've seen.. on and iClock calls a website to update my IP address in it's contextual menu, which I can turn off if I want. Had to sniff it first to see exactly what was going on and it's all good.

We're not all the morons that you make us out to be


Sorry if I gave the impression that I think all of "YOU" are morons. Whoever all of "YOU" are. What's this... a groupie thing? My comments were and are directed to any and all who will listen, and not exclusively to any particular group. I hope 100 million eyes view my comments.

I did put Graphite's feet in the coals a bit for poo-pooing perfectly good software, just because it isn't made by Apple. With the concensus that only Apple software measures up we will, all, be right where Apple wants us: In its hip pocket as total contributors to the Apple corporate revenue machine. I don't buy that.

I was born in the USA and raised to believe in the Constitution. As FREE thinkers in a free land we all have the right to choose whom our loyalties will be directed towards! In my estimation Apple has been less than honest with its clientele over the spyware issue, and continues to stonewall us in that regard. Why? What's it hiding? Certainly not arrogance. I get a bumper crop of that commodity every time I call AppleCare for support and utter the "Ess" word.

The obvious answer is that the people seated around Apple's big table have some secret "irons in the fire" related to spyware, which I strongly suspect of being collusive with corrupt government. In this age of crass and heartless facist-corporate rule all Americans owe it to future generations to make life as free as possible- now- while there's still a shred of hope left. If we allow the wool to be pulled down over our heads, how much easier for that to be done to our children?

If MAC is spyware-free as Apple constantly asserts, why the long delay in debuting the next beta version of MACScan? Why the staunch, adament denials from Apple coupled with refusals to even discuss KNOWN spyware issues? I can't speak for anyone but myself... but to me this has the ring of anachronism and chicanery. Wherever anachronism (something out of context with apparent reality) exists, a sneaky or treacherous act has usually been committed.

Like you, Murlyn, I've seen a lot of problems with Windows. That was the principal reason why A MAC G-5 rode home with me on my birthday last August. But I have to say in re yours truly that as a "known" target for the ad-spyware mob and certain quasi-government hate groups my MAC has been hacked to pieces; it certainly has not enjoyed the imperviousness that Apple proclaims. First and worst was OS-X Jaguar; in that system Safari was susceptible to tracking cookies and boy was I loaded down with them! Those led to Trojans and non-stop format/reinstall jobs.

Later when 10.3 was installed the situation got a little better... and then 10.3.2 made another big difference. But still, my MAC continues to pick up spyware from the mob and others under the oldest caveat "where there's a will there's a way." Last night just before downloading the latest 58.8 MB update from Apple I shredded Safari's cache and cleaned away much if not all the hitchhikers. I strongly recommend all of us do the same. The "cache" I refer to doesn't seem to be the Internet cache that UDP loopback accesses for quick page-loading, but another file Apple provides for whomever.

But in re the above cache please correct me if I'm wrong, (rman): The path was HD>Users>My Name>Library>Caches>Safari. The folder named Safari's a goner now, along with all the threads to "Monitorer" I could find and destroy. Monitorer's presence in iMovie tells me that the movie industry placed it there with Apple's tacit consent to control the illegal copyright infringement of motion pictures. It either rode in with the OS-X 10.3 upgrade set or was implanted there later. We can all expect a similar monitoring device to be lurking in other applications, such as those related to music downloads. Anybody object to that?

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