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It appears you need to remember a few things about computers. First off, when you say Opterons don't share RAM and front side bus you are wrong and right at the same time. You are getting dual-core and dual processor computers confused. Dual proc computers do not share ram, or anything for that matter. Dual-core computers share RAM and cache. This makes them cheaper but inevitably slightly slower than a true dual processor computer.

As for the mac pro being a piece of junk, that is not true at all. The processors in their may be more powerful than you think, considering they are core 2's. The Xeon 5100 series are core 2's, just renamed for being server chips (because of their memory!). So therefore the MacPro is both dual-core and dual processor.

It has been noted in quite a lot of places (Tom's Hardware, for example) that the Core 2 family has a weird memory bandwitdh, which is actually lower than most AMD64's. However, the Core 2's still outperform the AMD's (sadly) despite its lower memory bandwidth and ancient FSB technology. Apply this to the server processors and the results are no different. However, because of AMD's hypertransport Opterons are actually better to use in a 4 (and above) processor computer.

And finally, I find it to be a bit baffling that AMD would work on rolling out a new chip to compete with the core 2's (Xeon 5100s included) if their opterons are already faster?