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Thanks for your Input guys.
i would buy a mac pro now if i knew i could fit 8 drives in it (i dont want a external solution or raid) i just want a all in one workstation like I have now.
I have dual single core 1.8Ghz opterons 7 hdds, 6800 card m-audio sound card. it like 3 years old (except for the graphics card)

i just want something like this in a mac pro. Could i fit 8 hdds with brackets?
i suppose I could settle for 6 hdd's.

Still its unclear on the apple website if the mac pro's cpu's share the same memory.

I want one bad, just a couple of little things holding me back. I also have a funny feeling that the mac pro will be SLI easrly next year. they even said intel will have 4 core Cpu's then.
If thats true and the Mac pros cpus share the same memory. they would want to sort that out. Imagine 8 cores trying to use the same memory bus? should be a bottle neck. It not Apples fault, intel need to get with it.
I am assuming they use the same memory bus?