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Originally Posted by dtravis7
One thing the Mac Pro is not is a Game system, it's a high end workstation. They did not provide a way to do SLI Video. You can put in up to 4 cards but that is for multi monitor support but no SLI.
Thanks for letting me know you cant SLI

SLI is not just for games. in fact all state of the art workstations have SLI because true power users want SLI Quadro's.
The mac pro must not have SLI because intel have failed to make a xeon chipset that supports SLI.

There are many opteron workstations with SLI.
I dont want to use it as a gaming machine.
I just dont want to buy it if in jan. they release a model with SLI.

You say it's a high end workstation. it may be as far as Apple go. But most high end PC workstations offer SLI, have no problem adding as many Hdds as you want, (just need a raid card and case to suit) and offer workstations with upto 64GBs Ram with 4 cpu sockets (8 cores)