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I know what raid card I want.

Im doing video editing, motion graphics and sound production.
Thats why I need the Hdds. I at least a 4 disc raid and a single boot disc. not to mention a big archive disc. Plus I suppose mores Hdds, for Windows Discs as well.
Im think the Mac Pro power supply will be enough. I use a 550 watt EPS PSU. Thats barely enough. I think I need 750 watt.

Do these people that use the Macs for sound use the stock sound that comes with the Mac? On a PC i would buy a M-Audio card.

where would i Put these brackets for hard drives?

I dont want a Quadro. I will do 3D but not enough to warrant a quadro.
Also just want to know if i can SLI or use other graphics cards. if i buy this machine i will use it for my Windows games too.