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Originally Posted by rman
Is that spelled correctly "Monitorer ". I am not near my powerbook at this moment. I just upgraded to 10.3.2.

Yes, it's spelled correctly: "MONITORER," a known spyware component. It appears that Monitorer is classified as a Trojan, although it could be a key logger or fall under some other classification. The fact that it was found in my G-5 living in iMovie, though, is poignant.

To Graphite:

You should look before you leap. EasyFind is NOT junk! It beats Finder in every respect and is much faster. In my jaded opinion EasyFind should be OS-X's native search application. I have no connection to its owner, nor do I stand to profit by speaking in favor of it. I do so because having used it I've found it to be top-notch.

EasyFind is available at the Apple Software site. To locate it fast, just go to Apple, type its name into a search window and you're at the download site. Another great little freebie you'll find there is called Onyx. Onyx does EVERYTHING in the way of disk maintenance and runs as a native application on OS-X. It repairs permissions, optimizes, and performs many other useful functions.

Remember, FREEWARE is the stage at which many worthwhile software applications begin. A writer just starting out in the software field has no threads of connection to the monied corporations that could, if they would, help get his/her product off the ground and into commercial production.

So the best way for a talented aspirant to make a mark in his chosen field... say, disk utilities... is to bring the software of his/her design to a big company like Apple that will permit him/her to offer it as freeware at their corporate web site.

If the product is worth its salt it will enjoy a steady increase in public demand. In that case eventually one of the monied interests is likely to pick the product up, probably renaming it and modifying it to suit their needs. And the creator of the software is on the road less traveled to bigger and better things.

This is the way of progress in our world; all of us must crawl before we can walk. Please don't discount the worth of a product just because it isn't made by Aladdin Systems or another commercial firm.

At the same time it is worth pointing out that some freeware incorporates spyware components. In these cases my respect for the creator of the product goes down to zero. And without a single viable spywre removal tool GLOBALLY for MAC we afficionados of the Unix system have no way of knowing what we're installing. Apple's attitude towards spyware seems to be like the Japanese government's attitude towards prostitution: It's illegal, therefore it doesn't exist. Anyone care to beg to differ?

Never think for a minute, either, that commercially available software for MAC is spyware-free. We all need to remove our rose-colored glasses and smell the stinch of deception. It's out there, alive and well. Ask any Windows user.

One last point: This fanatical rivalry for MAC over Windows, etc., is a childish and destructive mode of thinking. As long as the various groups are kept at each others' throats the big corporate cheeses have us under their full control. Let's stop this foolishness about Windows vs Macintosh vs Linux and start realizing we're all in the same boat. Then we'll have the power to make decisions that benefit US... without the aid of coercive manipulations from those who are only interested in profit.

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