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well, the Tiger inbuilt VPN client does get connected to my workplace firewall (the icon says it is connected) but when I open a terminal window, I really cannot telnet or ping any of the machines i can usually do when I am physically in office.

Alternatively, the Cisco VPN client made available by my office is slightly older version (I think 4.7) and after installation - it opens with an error message " cannot connect properly to the VPN subsystem. Make sure you have at least one network adapter with a IP address" ... something like that.

There is another place where which is unprotected where you can download the VPN client (older 4.7) -- I am posting it here - hope it helps other users looking for one - but this is the one which gives the same error message as above.

[see my post below ]

Ideally would be great is someone could post link to download the newer version of this client.
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