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this link requires a login at registered account. I did register with them, but it still does not allow to download the VPN client.

I don't understand why the inbuilt VPN client in Tiger 10.4.7 does not work properly. The VPN icon says it is connected but I still cannot ping any linux machine in my workplace using a terminal window. I assumed my workplace does not work/tunnel properly with Tiger inbuilt VPN so wanted to try the Cisco VPN client but the slightly older version I had installed comes up with error message (see attached file).

So I thought downloading the newer Cisco VPN client version may help, but even that requires a password... and even the online registration at did not help (arggghh !!)

Any help to make the VPN work would be really appreciated. Already there are so few Mac users and those few too choose to be not too keen to support new Windows to Mac switchers.

Anybody reading this please try to help me make the VPN connection to my workplace going ... ?

thanks a lott !!
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