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PowerMAC G-5 OS-X 10.3.2, Safari default browser. All critical updates.

Question: Suspecting that my OS is infected with a spyware component I ran scans using Aladdin System's InternetCleanup 1.1.1. The Spyware scanner went kaput and could not find anything.

Then I employed a freeware search tool downloaded from the Apple/Software site called EasyFind, and turned up a component or file named "Monitorer."

A Trojan of that name is scanned for (and not found) by the Aladdin Systems software; that's how I acquired the name. Does this mean I'm infected... or could there be a native component called Monitorer?

The Monitorer file has more than 20 threads to iMovie and ColorSinc Utility. Is there anybody here who can help?

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