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Hi All!

I just need to ask quick question, hope I'll get some useful replies from all you experts over here.

Ok my problem is and what I want is - I have a domain name but I my site is not yet live, but still i use my domain name for mailing for example - and now I use this with the help of free hotmail services where you can send and receive mails on ur domain id. But the problem over there is anytime when you are switching to paid mail service you will have to forward each and every mail from there.

So I am looking for some software with which we can have our mails send and recieve from our iBook or ne such services where we can configure our mails to come to entourage or thunderbird.
  • I have heard we can host our site from .mac account, is it True? if Yes, then how?
  • I have a software called Rapid SMTP. Have anyone heard of it? If Yes, then how can that be useful for sending and receiving mails from your domain.


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