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The 128GB limit you're referring to only applies to internal drives on an ATA/66 system. If your HD enclosure has a good chipset (Oxford 911) you should be able to read the full 200GB w/o partitioning.

First, make sure everything's powered on and plugged in properly (i.e. computer and HD enclosure both powered on and connected via FireWire).

Now, if System Profiler says nothing is connected to have one of the following:
bad FireWire cable
bad FireWire port on your HD enclosure
bad FireWire port on your computer.
Try using a different cable, then a different port on your enclosure, then a different port on your hub or computer. If the issue is w/ your computer's ports, you can try zapping PRAM, resetting in Open Firmware and the
Programmer's reset to see if that will help. If not, look for a FireWire PCI card and a powered hub.

FireWire is advertised as hot-pluggable, but MANY people have had their ports go bad by doing this. Now, I power everything off, then connect, then power on (kinda like w/ SCSI peripherals).

I've started using a powered FireWire hub and connecting everything to that, to save the ports on my computer.
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