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Originally Posted by FlMacGuy
I don't see how I did it, but I screwed up! lol
I just loaded 10.3 onto my iMac and there are a couple of things I need to do (such as create symbolic links in the /bin directory). Well I need root access to do this. I used one password for everything on this computer and I can login as myself, but I cannot login as root to perform these tasks.
I don't understand how root got a different password but it did. I tried passwd but it stills says I cannot change it because the original is a wrong password. Is there a way to change the password without reloading the entire OS? I do need root access but I cannot login! grr! Thanks all!

Nevermind I figured it out.. for those who searched and found this thread. What I did was take the OSX install cd, and clicked on the "OSX INSTALLER" on the bar at the top and went down to "reset password"
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