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Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
There is almost always a better option than just reinstalling the OS.

Try fsck.
When booting up your computer hold down the Apple Key & the S key and it will boot into single user mode. When the text is done loading on the screen type in /sbin/fsck -f and hit enter.
When that is done if it fixed things then do the check again to make sure it is cleared
When finished with that type in exit and it will start the computer in normal mode.

It also has a lot to do with how many apps you have open at any given time, what apps you have open and how much RAM you have. One GB of RAM shouldn't give you too many problems, but if you have lots of RAM hungry apps open it very well could.
Did the fsck - no difference to problem.
I realise I have installed an app lately - Virtual PC. Are there any known issues?

All of my issues have been when I only have 1 app open.
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