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Originally Posted by PowerBookG4
I just decide to give you a link... a very very helpful link.

If you are truely interested in joining the creative community and working hard with final cut studio, photoshop, etc. In order to make creative things, and possibly sell your services, then I would reccomend that you go on that site and buy book that you think you do not know enough about and you would like to learn more. I have a few of those books and they are really helpful, the way they are written, the pictures in the books, and the sample media they give you are a great way to learn a new program, once you are done with the books you are ready to start work on your own projects with the book next to you incase you forget something. Then after a couple projects you are working on those programs like you were born knowing how.
Thank you, a lot for the Final Cut Studio support and tips, and for the link you sent me. I'm thinking about purchasing some books from there, and have a complete manual of how to use those professional softwares. Thanks a lot, you were extremely helpful.
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