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I don't understand two things here:
1) Why do people buy cooling pads? The Mac's are sealed on the bottom. They are not like any typical pc laptop that has intake fans on the bottom. I was about to buy one until I realized it was a closed case. The temp difference could only be minimal at best. If you feel I'm wrong: please back it up with some temp logging software graphs right after playing games in XP with and without the pad. I'm willing to be corrected here.
2) Of course the MBP's get hot. It's a smoking fast laptop in a 1" case. I'm used to mine now but every time I use somebody's PC laptop I'm like ", this thing is a beast!" No pc laptop carries the specs AND size of these machines. My MBP only gets hot when gaming, in either OS. It may get hotter in XP but that's becuase I have the video card clocked back up to where it should be in a pc, not in a thin mac. I haven't seen a laptop recently that didn't get extremely hot under high loads. End of discussion.
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