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Hi all,

Well I've been pouring over these message boards and found them quite useful. Thanks! Here's my question...

I'm looking to buy a new mac (i've been a pc user up to this point), specifically I'm looking at the macbook pro and the new xeon quad tower (g5 replacement). My main purpose is video editing and some graphic work. I will be purchasing the Final Cut Studio 5.1 suite for this purpose.

I was all set on getting the macbook pro, and then the new xeon tower came out, and now I'm not sure what to get.

I like the portability of the laptop, but I like the expandability of the desktop. I guess my question is, do both systems handle the FCP suite the same? Has anyone been using a MBP with the FCP 5.1? Has anyone encountered any difficulties running FCP on the MBP??

If the MBP can run FCP fine, then I'm quite content to purchase that one.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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