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Originally Posted by gabrielleitao
Hi again. I have another few questions that I have I am curious about, and they are about slideshows and musics on my Home DVD using DVD Studio Pro 4: --->

Ok, so I use iPhoto to watch all of my Digital Camera Pictures, and I see them on a slideshow. The slide is great! There are effects on the transition of each photo, and the feeling that you have when the iPhoto slideshow is running is that the picture is "sliding smooth"/ Do you know what I mean? So my question is this: can I have the same kind of slideshow on DVD Studio Pro, so when I play the DVD I created using DVD Studio Pro 4 on a real DVD Player in my livin' room I can actually watch all of my trips and vacation photos on the DVD I created, and use the remote's arrow keys: foward and etc... to move to the next picture and the previous picture?

My second question is about a DVD containing music files' such as MP3. Do you know when we use the Apple Remote to watch your iTunes music and video libary? Is it pretty cool isnt? Do know think I can do the same on my DVD? If you dont know what I mean let me give you an exemple. Do you know your iPod? The architechture of the "Playing Now" on the iPod is quite like this--->
You have the song number (exemple: 6 of 15), after you have the song name , then artist name or band name, then album name, and then you have the time line where it tells how long is the song. Of course, there is also the album artwork on the far-left. My question is this. Can I make the same thing with my DVD? I mean, can I make a menu... with the name of some artist, then i click on the artist's name, and I have a list of songs, I click on one of the songs, and it starts playing on this DVD, just like on an iPod on an iMac? Is it possible? How?

Sorry if those questions are too long or if you cant quite understand what I mean... please ask me any questions so I can ne able to help me.

Many thanks,
You can do slideshows in DVD studio pro but I have never actually done that, and I don't know why anybody who would buy the software would need it since things like that are for consumers not professional video makers, so that function does not make sense to me as to why its there.

In regards to they set up for music, I know how I would go about it using the entire final cut studio, but I know its a lot of work and needs knowledge of the entire final cut studio, and I would not see it worth it for this kind of thing, however I will tell you how I would do it any way.
I would first open up sound track pro, I would take all your mp3's and convert them to AIFF, and put them into a folder with a name where you will remember where you put your music.
Then I would go to final cut pro, and I would start typing out the text and then laying down graphics. I would put all of the text on a higher up level depending on how intense your are planning on making your graphics. Then I would use photoshop to help me with album artwork to make it look more apple like (reflection, pivot in 3d space, and a little glare) and I would add that to the left hand side of the text. I would then place a chapter marker at the beginning of the song, name it what the song is, and then go from there...(repeating the process for every song you want) (I would probably do 1 final cut project per artist to make it easier for you when you are making the dvd in dvd studio pro.

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