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This is a little excerpt I read off of the product description of iDVD:

"With support for a wide variety of DVD media formats — including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL — iDVD 6 teams up with a compatible Apple SuperDrive or third-party DVD burner to offer you more media options than ever. You heard right: iDVD lets you burn using compatible third-party DVD burners.

iDVD even lets you archive projects as disc images. Saved this way, your projects are extremely portable and take up less space, and are read-only. What’s more, they’re already encoded, so you can quickly burn them to DVD whenever you have a free moment or a burner handy."

If I am reading the above correctly, I can simply save the project, and then burn it later using a third party DVD-burner. Here is the question. Can I take that saved iDVD file, transport it via a portable hard drive, and then burn it on my desktop using a program like Nero, or will the iDVD still be the ONLY program that can actually burn the movie (i.e.- You can save the movie, and even burn it using a third party DVD-burner, but in the end, it will still have to be burned using iDVD?)?
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