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I have lot of home movies that I made with a Sony digitial camcorder, digital Hi-8 film. Anyhow, I just got a great deal and purchased the entry level MacBook which does NOT have a DVD burner on it.

I'm pretty sure I will be able to figure out how to connect my camcorder to my MacBook and then get the movies onto iMovie or whatever Apple program you use for movies. My question is this:

Since my MacBook doesn't have a DVD burner on it, is there any way to create movies using my MacBook and Apple programs, but get them over to another computer to burn them? Will I somehow be able to create the movies on the MacBook, get an ISO file, and then move them to a external hard drive to then burn on my Windows desktop?

Would I have to purchase an external DVD-burner for my MacBook? Is that possible. I mean, can you just plug and play a DVD-burner using USB 2.0 into a MacBook? What are my option here if any on actually burning the moveis that I produce on my MacBook??? Thanks!
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