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Originally Posted by cazabam
A problem with some manufacturers (*ahem*lexmark*ahem*HP*ahem*) is that their drivers only seem to work for locally connected printers. For my HP, as I mentioned, I use the ones from!

However, please don't bash OS X for this problem. It has a standard printing system (CUPS) that is also used in Linux and other *BSD operating systems, and has a standard way of installing drivers. The fact that lexmark (and kodak) appear to completely screw that up is their problem, not OS X. It's possible to make anything look difficult with sufficient ineptitude, and Lexmark have that by the bucket-load in my experience ...

Cool. I appriciate the down to Earth reply.
You are right, it's not just OSX. It is the aftermarket. I'm just not having a good first impression with the 'Only computer that you would ever need' ....
:-) I don't mean to bash it .... I just have dont have the experience with it.

I'll just assume these printers are not comatible with IP Printing ... I guess ...

(See, my OSX is my learning machine. I have other computers, other ways. I am just trying to figure it out, trying to learn the way of MAC, it is not life or death if it works or not, it just confuses me as to WHY)

Why does everyone think I am trying to pick a fight ??? LOL, Is it the way I type ???

Yup, Baggs, I tried the gimp-print with no luck... (Listed in post above)


Thanks again,
I'll just keep trying.
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