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Originally Posted by Aptmunich
You add them by running the installer that should be included with the download on the lexmark website.

When they are installed you don't have to choose which drivers you want to use with a device, you just have to pick the correct device from the add printers dialogue.

Well, That 'is' exactly the problem. There isn't a printer 'in the list' beacuse the software will not install printer-names/drivers until you click a detected printer, but it is not 'detected' because it is a networked printer.

So, I can't add the printer via 'Windows Printing' Or 'IP Printing' or SAMBA either, because, there is no printer name (ie, driver) for me to choose, and the install software will not 'finish installing' the printer unless you click it first, which I can not do, because it is not local..., LOL, I cant believe this, this is worse than Windows 3.11 :-)

Thank you for the ZIP file, however, It would not unpack properly either, SO, I downloaded nutcase and unpacked the hqx from lexmark z705 - it unpacked OK,

Ok, I just installed the Kodak locally. This now shows a printer to choose in the list. I added the printer locally. HOWEVER, I still cannot add it to Windows, IP, or SAMBA printing because I am not given the option the CHOOSE the Kodak printer. It only gives me that option when adding it locally.

RRRRRRRRrrrrr ....

I emailed Kodak and Lexmark support , lol, like that would help hehe

Any other ideas ?

Thanks !
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