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KP happened again yesterday. My wife and I suspect that it is the power circuit (within the house) which is causing the issue. I shut down the computer and then shut down the circuit yesterday so I could rewire some outlets. After turning the circuit back on and rebooting the computer we got a KP. The computer is on the same circuit as the outlets I was changing but was not one of the new outlets. The only hole in this theory is that the old outlet the computer was connected to before the office remodel (which is finally complete) was on the same circuit as this suspect outlet. I tested the outlet and it is wired up and grounded correctly as are all other outlets on this circuit (tested yesterday).

I suspect 2 things: 1) the outlet is bad (but not the circuit) in which case I will test the computer on another outlet on another circuit in the house or 2) the internal power supply is bad and having trouble regulating the power to the system. In the case of "dirty" power coming through to the computer a UPS should suffice. If it is a power supply issue then it will need to be repaired by apple.

In any case I do not believe this to be a software related least not until it happens again!
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