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Originally Posted by baggss
Have you tried downloading and installing Bonjour for Windows...?

BTW, it is spelled "Ridiculous" and not "Rediculous".

LOL, sorry Baggs, when my head starts tingling there aint no tellin what kind of words will come out :-)

I checked the Bonjour link that you gave me, Im not sure I understand how to install it on OS 10.3.9, all it has is a link for Windows and the description of OS 10.4.7 ...... I installed it on Windows, but no help.

Also RMAN, at first I tried going to the web sites and using the driver downloads. lexmark says 'compressed using an unknown type" - (I dont remember if it is dmg or stuff-it file, but anyways tried several times, it is corrupt) - So, I tried using the OS9 download, it did the same thing my disc does, except in Classic mode :-)

This is why I tried the CDs.

The kodak download is (Ill have to check later, dont remember) but it is a file that I have not seen before, it is not zipped stuffed or dmg, so I figured it was a driver ? I installed it by clicking 'other' in printers, and selecting the file, all this did was add the printer as a "System V Printer" which obviously didnt work.

Im lost still :-(
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