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Hello all,
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I am having some high blood pressure problems installing a freakin printer on OSX 10.3 , I was hoping somebody could please please help me out ...

Basically, I have a LAN with one iMAC and 2 XP boxes. The 2 PCs have printers and the iMAC has one local. (Which I actually just moved to a PC)
I have 12+ year of computer experience, but not OSX experience, only a few weeks with OSX, and a few months with Linux.

|____/----> Kodak
|>XP\___> Lexmark
\____>XP\___> Brother

The iMAC can print local to a Brother Laser that I added with the software CD, no problems at all. (I moved the printer to the 2nd XP box and the iMAC prints via IP PRINTING to the brother with NO PROBLEM.) This, I assume, Is because I had it LOCAL first, installed the software, and when I moved it, I had the option for the drivers on the list.

On the other PC, I have a Kodak Photo printer and a Lezmark inkjet. If I use the method of 'Windows Printing", I can select the printer but NO DRIVERS are listed. Even after using the install CDs.

If I use 'IP Printing" (Instead of windows printing) the same goes, I cannot select a proper driver for the printer. Generic will not work.

The problem is, I cannot add the drives for these remote printers , I dont understand. I have used the install CD's on the mac, and read help docs on them, but they are no help, just crap.

JUST AS AN EXAMPLE, of what I am trying to do, is per-say, I wuld click "Add Printer", but the printer is not in the list, ok, I will now click BROWSE and click the CD ROM, and there is the drivers, built for OSX as it says on the disc. It is added now. How do you do that with OSX ?

The only thing I can think of is to add each printer locally the the mac, add the drives (Like I did the Brother) and then put them back on the network, and use the local drivers already installed. Rediculous, there has to be another way ???

Please, any help is greatly appriciated.
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