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Yesterday went well for the iMac. No kernel panics. This was after almost a full weekend of them. The solution was an archive and install and then an update of 10.4 to 10.4.7 (Intel combined) as well as Java 5.0. Memory test passed, no permission or disk errors.

It appears that the last panic (after the archive and install and update to 10.4.7 but before the Java 5.0) was an isolated event.

On a commentary note: My buddy is Unix/Linux guru and was very surprised that the advice given after a catastrophic kernel panic (my first one which would not progress past boot up) was to reinstall the OS. He claimed that you should never have to reinstall the OS and should be able to repair the problem. I assumed that Apple gives that advice to keep tech calls short and I did not have the necessary understanding of the OS to find and repair the issue. My question is where can I find a more thorough manual of OSX? Is there some sort of dev manual? I would like to learn quite a bit more about OSX. I am looking for a fairly technical manual.
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