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Hi all,
Having a hard time resisting buying a new Mac -
I have a 466MHz PPC G4 w/ 640 MB ram, 30GB HD + additional 125GB internal drive and an M-Audio Delta 44 sound card and break-out box.
It hosts my iTunes collection and is connected to my home stereo system.
It's in my home studio and equipped to record but long ago I got frustrated trying to figure out how to use Logic 4 and gave up trying to record.
Now 5 years later, I'm using GB1 and wanting a newer more stable version, and thinking I'd like to give Logic another shot now that Apple's putting it out.
Of course, this thing's too old to handle new versions of anything, so I'm naturally thinking of a shiny new Mac - and the new Macs are very tempting.
I'm particularly tempted by the Mini, as it would cost 1/4 - 1/3 what I paid for this Mac and be at least 3X more powerful even if I bought a PPC Mini.
However, as I'm still using the CRT I got with my old PowerComputing Mac clone, I would hardly be able to resist buying a nice big shiny new Apple display to go with the Mini.
Which leads me to believe I might save money by buying an iMac.
Besides deciding which new Mac to buy, I'm also trying to figure out what I would do with my current one.
Seems like the most they are selling for on eBay is $180 - so it's not even worth the effort of selling it.
I think the memory is selling for more than the computer.
I could use the 2 hard drives as externals for my new Mac, but I'm currently only using about 45Gigs of the ~150 that I have available, and even the smallest of the new Macs has 60GB.
I don't suppose there's any chance that I could use the memory from my G4 in a new mac?
Maybe with the extra memory, hard drive and the audio card and break-out box I could sell it to some budget minded musician for more of a decent price?
Or should I just stack it in the closet on top of my Centris 660av and 68040 PowerComputing clone?
Or, should I buy an old shoebox Mac Classic and whatever came between that and the Centris and start my own museum of Mac?
I'm hoping some of you Gurus out there can help me decide.
Last week at Costco, I saw a "Mac Mini bundle" - it's a G4 ~1.4GHz and it comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse and 3 years of AppleCare for $700.
Sounds like a good deal, but how long will it be before that one can't run new versions of things? Not long!
Anyway, I've rambled a bit here.
The basic questions are:
Which new Mac should I buy (considering the circumstances)?
What should/can I do with my G4 Tower?
I'm going to try to wait until Leopard is released before I buy anything, but I don't know if I can hold out that long.
I hope you guys can help me before I decide to do something rash and foolish like buy a honkin' new G5 quad with all the ecoutrements!

Thanks for reading, sorry if I rambled, hope you can help!
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