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So yesterday I was trolling Ebay checking out the deals on Powerbooks. And low and behold, I see one for $550. Thats right the ad said this:

New Apple 17" G4 Powerbook Box, 1Ghz, 60GB, 512MB

Now keep in mind that 12 people have bid on this. So I continue to read the auction and he clearly states that you will be bidding on a Brand New Powerbook BOX.

I just had to email him to be sure, This is how that went: (Start at the bottom)

My follow up statement: You are a genius!

From: Dennis Climent []
Sent: Sat 3/6/2004 3:43 PM
To: noirluispher
Subject: Re: Question for seller -- Item #2791126862

His reply: It is just a box...

On 3/6/04 3:36 PM, "" <>

> "You are bidding on a brand new 17" G4 Powerbook Box only "
My question: > Let me get this straight, are you SELLING an EMPTY box?
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Yesterday, when I emailed him the question the auction was at $550 but someone must have retracted their bid because it is only $455 now.

People need to read. It wasn't even in fine print!!!!
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