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Ok so I've had a few questions about this so I'm going to give you my perspective on buying a new MB or MBP. Some of this advice is specific to gamers, some not, but you can use all of it to help you decide which is right for you, and how to go about it.

Let me preface this by saying this: I own and operate I served Oregon up until last month. I moved here to Albuquerque NM and will be changing the page to reflect that. Anyways I make my living with onsite repairs. I run my PC repair company on Macs. First a 12" PB g4, and now a 15" MBP. So I think I might know a thing or 2 about computers and the end users needs. Trust me this advice comes from seeing years of people and their issues.

Well, firstly the Macbook wont run the games very well at all. You HAVE to get the Macbook Pro. The difference is the video RAM. The Macbooks only have like 32mb of shared video ram. The MBP has at least 128mb of VRAM. I think the new ones have 256. But once you have that, games run great. I run Battlefield 2 with no problems. ( I honestly dont have time to do much else )

A few thoughts though.
1. when you buy the mbp, buy the BASE (ie.. the least ) amount of memory you can from Apple. Then go to CompUSA or Fry's or and get the rest of the memory there. Get 2 1gb sticks from for like $170.

2. Get an external hard drive. Firewire would be best. I build my own external HDD's. Get something like 300gb at least. Once you get that, what you want to do is to format it with the Mac OS and format it in DISK UTILITY in the MS DOS format. Thats FAT32. You cant do that in XP... go figure. Formatting in FAT32 means that you do not have to partition the drive, you can use it on both XP and Mac and both can read/write to it. You want at least 300gb worth of space because you will be installing extra programs onto it eventually on both Mac and XP, as well as storing extra files and such.

3. When you do the bootcamp partition, give XP at least 20 gb of space. WHy? Gaming in XP is hella expensive in terms of disk space. If you're a gamer on XP, you know this. Give it at least 20 gb, maybe more if you can. Use the external HDD from #2 to install games to if possible. Remember that youll also be installing things like Flash, itunes, MS Office, and other small proggies. Keep this in mind when doing your partition. Once the partitioning is done, thats it. No shifting it on the fly in OS X once its done.

4. Put a shortcut on your Mac desktop to your MY DOCUMENTS folder in your XP partition. It helps TREMENDOUSLY to have that.

5. When doing the setup / install of XP it will ask you in the beginning if you want to format your xp drive. DO NOT. Leave the file system in tact. You want the FAT32 file system, so that the Mac can write to it if need be.

6. Bootcamp vs Parrallels. My take is this, gaming, you want bootcamp. Everything else can use parrallels. Except for things like GPS and certain other USB things. I have MS Streets and trips and a Navman USB GPS and it doesnt work in Parallels. But it works great in bootcamp. SO some things that are usb specific you should try before deciding. Generics like mice and keyboards will work. Personally I use bootcamp ONLY. Why? When I need windows, I want ALL my resources. And to me its not that big a deal to just reboot.

Aside from that I can't really think of too much else I'd say to a customer right off the bat without questions. If you have some, post them and I'll do my best to answer.

Hope it helps.