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Yon Yonson
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I'm going to be buying a MacBook Pro shortly and I'm going to upgrade the RAM and am still deciding whether I'm going to upgrade the hard drive, so I have a couple of questions.
1. Does the MacBook Pro include disks that would allow me to reinstall OSX on a new hard drive without having to buy an entirely new copy of OSX?
2. Does anyone know how much power the stock hard drive uses? I've found a cheap 2.5" SATA enclosure for the old hard drive that can power hard drives with a less than 500 mA power usage, otherwise you need to buy a power adapter. It should say the power usage on the sticker on the hard drive, so if someone has their old one lying around that would be great. If no one knows, no big deal, the power cord only costs $13.
Thanks for your replies.
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