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Having difficulty connecting to a W2K server from 10.2.

Machine is a G3 running IP only no Appletalk. Using "smb://ipaddress/sharename" am able to connect to any share I create on an XP machine including the default administrator shares (C$, D$) but not W2K shares. I suspected this was an authentication error but am able to connect to the W2K share from any windows 2K or XP desktop machine using the same username/password, the username and password are both 8 chars long. I am not doing anything fancy like authentication via a domain controller/active directory, the user account for the share resides on the W2K server. The user account has full access to the share and is allowed multiple connections. Whenever I try to connect I receive the "error -36" code. Do I have to enable anything on the W2K server to allow this?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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