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Would like to start off saying I just got a intel macmini and the last time I used mac was with mac os 9 and im loving this little (yet somehow very powerfull!) guy!

What my issue is im trying to import some mp3ís off a windows share. Im able to mount the windows share just fine and view the files and everything, when I try to import the mp3s into itunes (on the mac) it copys the files over to the mac. I donít want thatÖ I want itunes to import the mp3ís from the network share and read them from there instead of copying the files to the local mac HD.

If anyone has any suggestions or a way for me to do this id be much grateful!

P.S. My windows laptop imports the mp3s into itunes just fine from the share and does not copy anything to the local HD, which is why im so baffled why I can get the mac to emulate the same behavior. :headphone
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