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Originally Posted by menace3054
just downloaded google earth, it loaded in 9 bounces. i have 2 GB of ram and a 1.67 GHZ g4.
That's surprisingly fast compared to mine. That's with the latest Google Earth right? Mine now loads within 14 bounces, and that's with all apps closed. I can remember, about 6 months ago when I first downloaded Google Earth, it used to load within 10 bounces. But now, it's 100% slower. What's really going on?

Originally Posted by menace3054
also, you should go to activity monitor under utilities and see how much ram and cpu is in use, there may be a program hogging it. also, how many widgets do you keep open?
I had 14 widgets open. As part of the experiment, I close most them, with just three basic widgets open. And I've also disabled the animated dock.

Then restarted the machine. Result? Earth Loaded in 24 bounces.
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