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I bought a Western Digital My Book WDG1C3200, a 320GB external drive to backup my music, pictures, and other personal documents from my ibook g4. I'm running 10.3.9 for my system, and here's my dilemma: the software included with the external drive is HORRENDOUS. The first thing I wanted to do was copy my itunes music files to the drive, and the external drive refused to accept anything that had certain characters in the song name, such as /, ?, *, etc. Basically, the same restrictions that versions of Windows apply when you try to name a file. Anyway… aside from that headache, the external drive's software is very confusing and obstacle-laden. I have a ton of space on the external drive obviously and I want to use it efficiently in the future.

Does there exist any third party applications or shareware that I can download to manage file transfers between my ibook and the external drive? More importantly, I'd love to have an application that would automatically recognize new files on the ibook that HAVEN'T been backed up on the external drive. Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions!
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