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Alright, I plugged the computer in over night hoping this would somehow jump start the battery. When I woke up the morning, the charger was green, and the computer recognized the battery as being full. This is good!

I downloaded that problem and took a look at it, and now I think I know whats going on. The charge showed 100%, however, the capacity only showed 152 mAh out of 5500 mAh. Now, I have no idea what a mAh is, but I definitely know 152 IS NOT equal to 5500.

After about 15 minutes running on power, the capacity now shows 5521 out of 5500, which is great, but still weird. I guess I'll take it to the Apple Store as soon as I get a chance and see what can be done about it.

Thanks for the help!

[Edit] However, after running only 15 minutes on battery, the computer promptly turned off as if the battery were dead, which leads me to believe the battery is still only at 150 something capacity.
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