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For the last week my Macbook Pro has been experiencing erratic power behavior, mostly shutting off randomly, battery not charging, battery not being recognized, etc. Today while sitting at the airport, my computer shut off completely, just turned off. I turn it over to check the battery (using the LED lights) and all that happened was the first light started blinking, and not the normal "your battery is dead" blinking, but blinking really fast.

I got to my destination, plugged it in, and checked the battery, now my charge icon says 0:17 to charge, but when I open it, it says the battery percentage is 0%. I turned the computer over and the first light of the battery is just blinking, now the normal "your battery is dead" blinking. When I take it out, I get the crazy fast "oh no somethings wrong!" blinking.

I tried the Power Unit reset (pulled out everything, let it sit, held down the power button for 10 seconds, let it sit some more, and plugged everything back in), and it still shows the battery as 0%. As soon as I take out the AC Adaptor, the computer just turns off.

Is the battery completely shot? Are there more steps to trouble shoot it? Am I missing something obvious? Please help!

Also, the computer shipped middle of March 06, if that helps.
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