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I feel like smacking these ideas around a bit today

I don't think most of those are going to happen. Just look at the "True Video iPod" near the bottom. The touchpad screen is cool, but that would pick up fingerprints like crazy. People are complaining about their MacBooks turning from white to yellow; I can imagine the feedback Apple would get about having fingerprints and smudges on an iPod like this. To quote Oobie-Doobie of Thumb Wars fame: "What a whiner that kid is!"

Next up, the iTablet. Same issue, fingerprints. What about protecting the screen? I like to toss my laptop in my backpack or carry it under my arm - what am I supposed to do with the iTablet? Does it come with a flip-over screen cover? And how I am supposed to use it to show off or watch a video - does it have a picture frame-style stand? Going along with the MacBook and MacBook Pro standards, I'd imagine it would be 1" thick and 86C, enough to fry the skin on my arm. Next!

The PDA looks pretty sweet (iPT), but how exactly do you get stable video chats? Apple would have to come up with some amazing software to handle your arm shaking. I can't even take non-shaky photos with my digital camera 90% of the time.

I can only wonder how far this multimedia stuff will go. I mean, come on - how often do you really watch a photo slideshow on your TV? I can see the use for a TiVo with an integrated DVD player, but some of these devices are going so far that they make me scratch my head and wonder if I'll ever use them. Before I modified my Intel Mini and turned it into a useable desktop computer, I used it as a fancy DVD player:

It handled music & videos quite nicely. I'd like to see Apple release a real HTPC Mini with a more ergonomic remote, integrated TV tuner, and TiVo-like software. Just think...access your entire music collection via iTunes sharing for playing music in your home or at a party, record and watch all your favorite TV shows, play DVD movies, play audio CDs, all in a compact, quite little box on top of your TV. I like that idea!

/end rant

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