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I recently purchased a MacBook Pro and will be running final cut studio, pro tools LE, and my extensive itunes library on it - as well as other applications (Yes, I have high expectations).

I also purchased a G-Tech 250gig G-Drive to make space for all of my needs. My plan, as of now, is to use this G-Tech drive for video only. It's a 7200rpm firewire 400 drive. In order to possibly prolong the life of this drive and the data that will reside on it, I was thinking of purchasing a second, external hard drive for my iTunes Library/pictures. Simply, I don't want to kill the G-Tech drive in a year because I ran it every day for iTunes. It's easy enough to back-up songs, but video is another story.

To get to the point, would it be wise to dedicate this G-Tech drive to video and dedicate a separate (USB 2.0) drive for music?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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