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I use Macs and PC's but decided to dump Windows for good so bought a new 20" iMac with Intel Dul core. I have 3 external USB hard drives on my Windows XP PC, formatted for NTFS. When I attached them to the iMac, all heck broke loose. I don't have any rights or permissions, they are "read" only. I was able to reformat one using OSX Disk Utility and now it's a Mac drive. Bu the other two...forget about it. Apple Disk Utility blows up when I try to erase them. Just locks up. I'm stumped.

1. Why is Disk Utility blowing up?
2. Is there a better utility I can use to get these drives reformatted for the iMac?
3. Is there a way to change permissions for these drives so I can a least erase data on them?

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