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So...I get my iPod next week and I've been organizing my music getting ready to put on it. It will be a 2 GB iPod Nano. White, not that the color has anything to do with my question.

Anyway, my question is this:
I've been going through and getting album art for my music and putting it with my MP3s in iTunes. Well - I'm starting to wonder if, when I import my music, how much album art will my 2 GB iPod be able to handle?

Basically, some of the pictures I've been dragging and dropping are big - will iTunes shrink down the file size to put it on the iPod or will it just shrink the image? I know my nano won't be able to handle many big album art pictures if that's the case.

Hopefully the question makes sense...wasn't quite sure how to word it. I was just realizing, though, that maybe I should be searching specifically for little pictures instead of big ones.

And one MORE question - I've assigned all my songs with album art. When I transfer it to my iPod will there be an option to not transfer the art and just do the songs - if I start to run out of space I just want the music and not the art and don't want to have to go through and remove all the album art in order to put the music on my iPod. If I'll have to do that, I want to start doing it now.

Thanks for the help... :dummy:
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