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Well I am a first time Mac user, and I managed to figure this little problem out for myself, so I thought I would share my experience in case anyone else out there ran into similar trouble.

First, what I was trying to accomplish:
I have a HP PSC 1510 all in one hooked up to my Windows XP desktop, and I wanted to use windows print sharing to allow my MacBook to print to it.

Well, with a quick search on this site, I managed to find a link to this site here:

Very useful site indeed! With the simple how-to they provided, I got my Mac to connect right away, or so I thought.

You see, my Mac listed the shared printer as "generic post script printer" and I thought this was OK, but it was not. Every time I tried to print, all I got were pages of gibberish.

Well that's no good, now is it? No, of course not. So now I tried to find my printer model in a list of printers offered by OSX, nope. Not there

I tried to download just a driver from the HP site, but once again this did not work. All they had was a file to install the printer locally, and this would just not do.

Once again I hit the forum search, and Google, but they both failed me. So I tried something a little off the wall, I decided to tell my Mac that what it was actually connecting to was a HP Photosmart P1100, and what do you know? It works! Boo-yah! I was so happy to see my troubleshooting skills do carry over to Mac.
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