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Switched three weeks ago. I love my mac mini. Contrary to a PC, I know spend most of the time in front of it actually being productive - contrary to my Windows PC, where I had to spend most of the time reinstalling, fixing, looking for updated drivers, manipulating the registry, scanning for virusses and adware ... just to be able to do my work.

Now I work and ... go out for a beer, have a walk with the dogs and more. On my Mac I can finish things up to three times faster (And this is not because of the processor speed) just because it's so simple (Sometimes I still think "around the corner" only to find, that it could be done easier.

As for the applications I need, for everything there is a mac counterpart, which is often better than the Windows version. Database, image maipulation, digital music, office, programming. It's all there (and much of it is included!)

I switch to mac at home three weeks ago. Luckily, I'm in the position to be able to decide about the hardware that's being used in my department. Half of my employees have a mac at home. Guess what ...
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