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Hello All

I just got my Macbook. White (cuz i like that frosty look :black: ) 1.83 ghz dc, 1 gb ram. Of course os x, but soon xp pro sp 2 :ninja:

Has anyone else gotten their macbooks? I've had it running for at least 3 days, and in terms of heat, i only notice it on teh upper left hand area - near the power outlet and the surrounding keyboarding area. The bottom gets pretty hot - but not really a worry since i have it on an elevated passive cooling platform.

I have a few hardware questions. A lady at the college mac store wanted to see my macbook because she had only seen the black ones, and if she liked the glossiness of my macbook - she'd get one too. I brought it in, and as I was passing it to her - she sed 'oh sorry'. i wondered y. she sed because she had 'static shocked' me. I didnt' feel a thing so i assumed she must have shocked my mac. the worker next to her made a laughing comment about "uhoh i hope u didn't break his mac".

I immediately became a little paranoid. I've been repairing PC's for most of my life - and I wear static bracelets to avoid static exposure and I know what static can do to circuits and sensitive equipment.

I'm worried - did she shock my macbook? SHouldn't the casing have shielded it from static? Also even if the casing does shield, if she came in contact with one of the metal ports (video, usb etc) on the left side - will that pose a problem?

I already ran 2 Apple Hardware Tests, and both reported "No Trouble Found".

Any help is appreciated ^^ Idk if i should be so worried abotu static problems...
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