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Originally Posted by ezhangin
I used one at the store the other day, I loved it (my PowerBook was a little jealous probably). However, please do not forget parallels, no one has mentioned it yet I believe. Parallels makes virtualization software that allows you to run Windows in, well, a window. You can run other operating systems too. You can find it here It's nice because you don't have to do a reboot to run windows programs. If you have ever used VMware or VirtualPC before its the same idea, but its faster than those two programs because it uses the virtualization technology built into the intel processors that now live in your macbook.
ooh does that mean i can effectively run windows in osx? so run pc software straight from osc? what's the speed like, given that it's all emulated, do you know? thanks for pointing this out, it could be really handy!
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