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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hijack this thread or put out flame bait or anyting.

Originally Posted by baggss
I have to ask what your source is for that. While it is obvious that they copied the look/feel, I've never heard or seen any proof that MS actually stole/copied code from MacOS.
I've seen the assertion several places:

The basic gist of the story is that since the first useful app to be released with the mac was Word 1.0. Gates was given the entire source code so that his SW that he developed would be really tightly integrated (it was).

After that there is lots of disagreement about just how shady the 'copy catting' was. Windows up to 3.0 didn't look that much like mac (it sucked too). Then 95 came out and the only realy obvious difference was that the trash can was on the left and the apple (oops start) menu was on the bottom. In any case MS won all the important lawsuits so its pretty moot at this point, and mac OS is still more inovative and intuitive for the most part anyway.

MS wouldn't be stupid enough (even back then) to cut and paste code, but if they had all the source code handed to them and got to a 'how'd they do that?' point when they were writing win 2, 3 and later 95 what do you think they did?

Anyways the fact that Apple lost the look and feel lawsuit IMO was mainly due to the crappy management and loopy legal team that apple had at that time. That said, it may have set a good precedent for later software development giving programers more freedom to write better, but similar programs to existing ones.
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