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installing...when dowloading off the internet, it usually mounts a "disk image." it looks like a white har drive on the desktop. just open it and copy the app into the apps folder on your hard drive. that is the normal way things download from the internet. sometimes off of disks or some major apps will have an installer. it will just be on the desktop or maybe still on a disk image. no need to copy it or anything. just run it off othe the disk image and it will install the necessary files. once you have done what you need with the disk image, you can eject it and delete the .dmg file it may have also left on the desktop. to eject it: right click it and choose eject or drag it onto the trash can.

geneology...theres a ton of programs (some free) out there so make sure you get some opinions. i really dont no whats good but im sure someone here does.

solitaire... i have solitaire XL (free). very good mac solitaire. you can have it with a tranparent backround so the cards "float" over everything, but a normal solid backround is probably better for gram. if the app is open click its name one the bar at the top of the screen and choose prefrences. this is where you configure almost all apps.

updating...under software update in system prefrences. she will still have to approve the installation and restart at times.

sizes...system prefrences has it all. you can change the dock size under the dock section. the top bar can only be changed with resolution. i also recommend univeresal access.

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