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Hi everyone,

Ok I'm new to the forum so if I ask or say anything then please forgive me!! Basically I am a lifelong user of Windows on standard PC's, gaming PC's and laptops. I have used all versions of it since Windows 95 and am very familiar with the OS. I have used an Apple Mac before, however this was about 3 or 4 years ago at university, and I don't really remember much of it, apart from the drag and drop CD icon to the recycle bin to eject it!

I'm looking at purchasing my own first laptop and really like the look of the Apple Macbook (2.0GHz white version) and really just need some honest advice. My main question is how difficult is the OS to use and will it be easy for me to adapt? I'm sure there are other people who have used both OS's so would really appreciate their opinions. I'll be using it mainly for wireless internet browsing, email, maybe a couple of games here and there (Football Manager 2006 ) and some multimedia use, such as video editing.

Sorry if this has already been covered elsewhere!

Thanks for any help in advance.

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