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Originally Posted by StarManta
My friend has just bought a new 12" Powerbook and was attempting to install his AirPort Extreme card, but after putting it in and booting it up, it instantly tells him to reboot. Even after rebooting it says the same thing. He's tried taking it out and putting it back in multiple times. Unfortunately I can't go there in person to help him figure it out, so I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows anything about this.

Sorry if I'm skimping on the details, that's all I have. :-/
More details would indeed be helpful. If possible, could you find out:

A) If the machine boots normally with the card removed

B) If the card was brand new

C) Is he certain that the card is being installed correctly (e.g. he's pusing it far enough in)

Any other details would also be helpful.


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