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Originally Posted by xstep
If you stick to using the system APIs and don't write byte order code for a particular processor,
Acctually this is much trickier then it seams. Just any output/input operation to files that does low-level reading, like word per word reading, needs to be fixed for PowerPC. Not a problem for me, as all I/O operations I need are already ported by the Free Pascal people =)

Oh, and I do use some very specific system APIs, like for powerful multimonitor support, and the system tray. I will need to rewrite those.

I think you should be fine with using either system for development. That should be easy. Also you would want to use the XCode tools or perhaps some other modern tool such as Realbasic.

XCode, free, allows you to compile for both PPC and Intel processors at the same time to produce Universal Binaries.
Well, the application is already written on Lazarus, a cross-platform and open source implementation of Borland Delphi IDE. You can see a screenshot here:

So my plan isn't really to rewrite, but rather just recompile on the target =)

Of course, not everything is perfect, so I will need to rewrite some platform dependent parts of my application. I will probably be using Carbon for those parts.

To produce a Universal Binarie with Free Pascal I will need to setup a cross-compiler. This isn't hard, but takes time.

If I was to buy a Mac today, I'd favor the Intel purchase since that is the future. The exception would be if I was a power user of applications not yet built as Universal binaries. Rossetta is a poor crutch for such users. In that case I'd buy a PPC box.
I will probably be using mostly free software like Open Office, Firefox, Lazarus, so not much of a problem.

The price is a concern =( I heard the intel version is much more expensive.

thanks a lot
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