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From what I understand the problem with the newer intel chipsets is that some of the older software (older meaning software compiled for PowerPC aka the G# chipsets) have a performance hit since it's really emulating it. Fortunately all applications are being pushed to universal binaries in support of the intel change.

When you use universal programs you'll see the performance boost advertised on the apple site.... But since not all applications have made the move just yet, the intel chips may be considered "too new" still.. and you will probably see some performance HITS from the fact it's so new.

With bootcamp you'll be able to run Windows XP on your iMac too, which is cool, I have been doing searches for various OSX applications (I just bought a Mac Mini, it arrives tomorrow!) and it appears it has a version of almost everything I need for day to day operations. Really I don't think I'll be installing bootcamp on my system until later if absolutely neccessary.

This is what I've researched so far, hopefully it is accurate and informative to you!
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