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Originally Posted by TBoblp
for your last question...yes, yes and YES! You can change almost anything about the dock including making it larger. In fact many, many people (younger and with better eyesight im sure) find the dock to be too big and one of the first things they do is to make it smaller. just go to system preferences and click on dock to adjust it.

I wasn't talking about the Doc, I ment the actual menu bar at the top. Where the "all mighty" Apple lies. hehehe

It's just when she's in an application, say safari, and she wants to use the menu that it's a little hard for her. Also, when I was showing her how to shut it down she was squinting to see the apple and such.

Hopefully I can get her to understand the update, if I remember correctly Windows 98' didn't have an update function like XP which yells at you. I mean my grandmother never fully grasped the use of installing a program so hopefully learning that wont be too hard.
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